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Braggin' Rights
(Colt 45 x Hillbilly Bone x Square Deal York)
Stress Carrier • Cross • $200 / dose
  • Owned with Team Sloan Livestock
  • Incredible boar with equally impressive pedigree!
  • Naturally big topped and muscular with great look
  • Stout boned, big footed with great reach and flexibility
  • Impressive rib cage and center body
  • 3/4 sib to Reserve Champion at 2014 Missouri State Fair
West Coast Thug
(Bone Thug x Drop Shot x Big Screen)
Stress Carrier • Cross • $100 / dose
  • Tall shouldered, level designed with great look
  • Moderate length and boxy build
  • Extremely heavy boned and big footed
  • Stout and square built
Point Maker 14-3
(Point Maker x Sweet Tea x No Boundaries)
Stress Negative • Hampshire • $100 / dose
  • Dam is our foundation sow the was Champion Hampshire at 2007 WPX and NJSS
  • Unique combination of old and new successful bloodlines
  • Square build and killer look
  • Heavy boned with great shape and natural dimension

(Monumental x Super Monster x Trooper)
Stress Carrier • Crossbred • $200 / Dose **no overrun**
10 dose contracts available at $150/dose
  • Sired by the $180,000 Monumental
  • Combines legendary sires such as Hillbilly Bone, Toxic, Super Monster and Fatal
  • Opened up, square and huge structured
  • Flawless build, sound and flexible
  • Tons of power in a balanced and attractive package

Dirty Dreams
(Unrated x Blackhead)
Stress Negative • Crossbred • $150 / Dose
  • Boxy, square and incredible coming at you
  • Big square back, massive hip and great foot and bone
  • Huge rib cage and center body
  • Owned with Noah Horsley

Black Label
(Arnold x Legend)
Stress Negative • Berkshire • $100/dose
  • Stout featured
  • Wide chested and big bladed
  • Big square back with a massive top
  • Berkshire barrow sire supreme
  • Co-owned with A&B Berks

(Sharp Shooter x Top Gun x Homebrew)
Stress Carrier - Spot - $100/dose
  • Huge boned and massive ribbed
  • Wide chested, bold bladed with great look and angles
  • Ultra flexible skeleton
  • Dam is 2011 OYE Champion Spot Gilt
(Dang Good Hog x Just Rite)
Stress Carrier • Poland • $100/dose
  • Great combination of balance and stoutness of features
  • Level and correctly built
  • Big legged and stout featured
  • Average length with a big center body
  • Will take next generation of Polands to a new level!

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- All semen is half priced during off season months
(January, February, June, July, December)       


- Orders must be made by 3:00 pm to guarantee next day air delivery

- Off season orders best made before 12:00 pm      

- We focus on only having boars that can positively advance our program. Breed with confidence!